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Goh Kwang Heng Metal Scaffolding started providing scaffolding services since 1984. In 1992, Goh Kwang Heng Pte Ltd was incorporated. We first started providing scaffolding services using timber system, thereafter the company turned towards Mainframe System to serve another group of customers who demanded safety.

Our mission is to provide safe and reliable scaffolding for all our customers and to be recognized as the “1st choice”, whenever safety is of top priority. Our role in scaffolding is to provide the best quality system and value-added services to give our customers peace of mind. We are currently using the Tubular system, which has been proven to be the most versatile and flexible solution, enhancing our service to our customers when speed and flexibility is required.

Over the years, we are honored to be able to work with numerous companies in the construction, marine and pharmaceutical industry. Goh Kwang Heng has been specializing in scaffolding work for clients in both the construction and marine industry such as Keppel Shipyard Ltd, Keppel Shipyard Pte Ltd, Benoi Yard, Jacob Lend Lease Pte Ltd and Bovis Lend Lease Pte Ltd.
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