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An independent scaffold consists of 2 rows of standards, where each row of standards is parallel to the building. The inner row is set as close to the building as possible, with a maximum distance of 300mm possible, which is sufficient space to allow an inside board to be placed between the inner standard and the building. One must note that it should not be so close such that it affects the access of workers and limits them from working. The distance between the inside and outside standards will be determined by the number of boards required.

Ledgers are fixed to the standards using right-hand couplers, which are also fixed parallel to the building. Transoms are fixed to the ledgers with putlog couplers to support the recommended board widths. Braces are fixed diagonally to the ledgers or standards.

Contrary to its name, the independent scaffold cannot stand alone but has to be supported or “tied” to the building.



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