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Over the past 30 years, we have accumulated an extensive portfolio and have been a valuable partner to many companies and government bodies. We have often been listed as a key component in ensuring the success of several construction and marine projects. Let us take a look at some of the projects that we undertook.

Partnering with both the Housing Development Board as well as private developers, we have played a key role in ensuring the construction of new living and residential spaces all around Singapore. We value the trust and confidence our clients place in us to be able to handle such large scale building projects. Listed below are some of the residential projects that we undertook.

  • The Aspine
  • No 2 Jalan Kebaya
  • 24 Angullia Park Residential
  • Leedon Height

We have been listed as a valuable partner when comes to the construction of commercial spaces all around together. Partnering together with big names such as Capitaland, Asia Malls, Fareast Organisation and UOL Group Limited, we have helped fulfill and achieve the vision of these powerhouse developers. Listed below are some of the commercial projects that we undertook.

  • Far East Square
  • Heartland Mall
  • People’s Park Centre
  • Novena Square
  • Seah Street

It was an honour to work together with the Ministry of Education in helping them fulfill the infrastructural needs to the nation for more educational institutions and venues. Their faith in our company is a testament to our commitment to quality and our impeccable track record. Listed below are some of the educational projects that we undertook.

  • Anglican High School
  • ITE Tampines
  • Ministry of Education

Many businesses and industries have also placed their faith and confidence in our company to be their partner in ensuring the success of all their projects, whether big or small. We treasure every single of our partners and we are proud to be part of their success story. Listed below are some of the business and industry projects that we undertook.

  • Nypro S’pore
  • Agilient Factory
  • Motorola Factory
  • Admiralty Industrial Park
  • Changi Business Park 1 & 2
  • Biopolisv
  • ST Assembly (Ang Mo Kio)
  • Shimano Factory
  • UMCI Pasir Ris
  • Infineon

Our company has undertaken many projects in the marine sector. We have taken care and provided scaffolding for numerous of their projects and repair works. We are excited to be involved in this industry and be considered their trusted partner in the provision of scaffolding infrastructure to enable them to work efficiently. Listed below are some of our valuable partners.

  • Keppel Shipyard Ltd
  • Keppel Shipyeard Pte Ltd
  • Benoi Yard

All-round System scaffolding, with its unique connection technology, has established itself as the synonym for modular scaffolding. Its main use is for complex and ambitious scaffolding construction, in applications where conventional scaffolding technology cannot be used to its optimum. At each structurally ideal connector node (joint), a maximum of 8 connections can be made and at freely selectable angles. With a hard knock to the wedge at each node, the standards are connected with durability and stability. This system has its advantage in that it takes a short period of time for assembly, hence saving both time and money in your projects. This also enhances efficiency and productivity.

During erection work, maximum safety is assured to both applicants and users, even at great heights, using the All-round System connection wedge system at each joint. All-round System scaffolding consists of standards, ledgers, diagonal braces and accessories in practical lengths. Wherever temporary access or high loading capacities are needed, all-round scaffolding is the optimum solution.


The Tubular System has been the gold standard in scaffolding for the longest time. Just like the All-round System, it consists of standards, ledgers, diagonal braces and accessories in practical lengths. One main difference in both systems is the Tubular System uses bolts, clamps and couplers. Compared to the All-round System where a joint can only be made at a node, poles can be joined together at any points along the metal standards, ledgers or braces with the use of couplers. However, careful and specific measurements have to be made before the execution.



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